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July 2015
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l e t [userpic]

i wasn't born to be a writer. writing stories...not really my thing. but i really like reading lots of fics & stories and sometimes come up with my own ideas. i love stories with twists & turns.
i wish i could write one but i don't have the ability to do it.

here are two unfinished drabbles i started writing but wasn't able to continue..

random conversations over bottles of soju
heechul & kangin ; kangteuk, implied!hanchul; pg-13; crack

"You're drunk"Collapse )

i wrote this years ago. LOL. maybe 2007 or 2008? back when kangteuk's still active. and i'm addicted to them. i was just thinking of a scene where heechul & kangin are talking while they're drinking soju. what topics are they talking about. something like that. this is just really random. and yes, it's unfinished. cause i don't know how it should continue. and this not even yet a crack. i don't know how to continue it making it crack-ish.
kangteuk ; PG-13 ; romance
Too close for comfort.Collapse )

this. this scene is inspired by BTS of the debut stage of super junior in inkigayo, nov 2005.  and yes it's also unfinished. how can i continue this? what will i write that should happen after it?

this drabble doesn't make sense at all. hahah.

aigoooo~ XD

and here's another unfinished fic:

Husband & Wife.
kangteuk ; pg -13; genre??.......idk.

"Get this bastard outta here!"Collapse )
i also wrote this few years ago. don't think of this as recent. lol.
maybe don't don days or suju happy days. XD

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l e t [userpic]

just to do this picspam. haha.
after 5327564587 years lol

KANGTEUK PICSPAM 003: early 2007 or rokkugo days.

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l e t [userpic]

friends, are you still there? hing~ it's been a long time since i last updated this account. and oh, i'm no longer in suju fandom. i still like them, but not addicted to them anymore. prolly because they're already so much famous here in my country? i don't know.
i have a new addiction/obsession/whatsoever. :))
i'm in love with Moon Jae Shin of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. he's the reason why i watch the drama even if it's still airing in korea. Most of my fav kdramas, i only watch it if it's already in dvd. =)) but #skks made me watch raw episodes, when i can only understand just few words XD

i still like kangteuk, btw ;D but won't be reading fanfics. i don't have time for it. maybe in the future i'll read some of great fics i've missed.

for now, i'll enjoy sembreak by watching more kdramas & movies =DDD

oh, you can follow me on twitter : http://twitter.com/crapchiclet

; thank you ♥

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l e t [userpic]

I kissed a boy, and i like it.
kangteuk | PG-13 | romance
It was just like any other cliche' scenes from any other romantic movies..Collapse )

= for angelteuki_13 & hyukdim , also to eiashlee14 and sycoraxsnow ; iloveyouall~ :D ♥ i don't write fics, that is for sure, and i'm not satisfied with my work but i hope you'll still like it. this is a fail attempt at writing a drabble. lol don't expect me to write more cause i don't think i would. this will be the first & last fic i've written in my life XD thank you :)

☺: anxiousO.O
l e t [userpic]

hi! :) how are you, friends?
it's been a long long time since my last post here. i don't go online that much anymore. i just visit LJ sometimes, to check some kangteuk fics and to post on kangteukaday ;
sorry if i'm not reading and posting comments on your LJs. D: i know i'm not a good friend. and if you want to delete me from your f-lists, it's fine ^^; but i won't do any friends cut,
i'll still do more of kangteuk picspam, maybe later, i'll complete it ^^
kangteuk is on hiatus. that's why i'm on hiatus, too :c
goong :)Collapse )

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l e t [userpic]

*inspired by eeteuk's cyworld entry.

kangteuk - holding hands ♥Collapse )

l e t [userpic]

♥ ; @ super junior's miracle :)

l e t [userpic]

kangteuk picspam :
001.1 | 001.2 | 002.1

for sycoraxsnow , thank you for being such a sweet friend, jae^^~
eiashlee14 , i miss you, twinsis! ♥
angelteuki_13 , KT spazz buddy! XDD
& to all KT;shippers, yo! :D

002.2 :D

☺: excitedxP;
l e t [userpic]

i know it's late;
but still.. happy birthday to heenim :))

^the first-ever fanvid? that i made of heechul.
*and i'm proud of it XD although it's just a compilation of gifs lol*
my 4yrold nephew became addicted to the song because of it
and kept saying 'eomona!' and imitating every single action heechul did in the video :))

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l e t [userpic]

'm glad there's photoshop ^w^Collapse )

☺: boredbored
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