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July 2015
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l e t [userpic]
blah blah, random.

i am extremely bored. currently here at the office. i have nothing to do -.- i wanna go home.
btw, hi! is there anyone still going online here on LJ? i miss those days when the fandom is so active here, reading kangteuk fics everyday, updating this blog & posting comments..

i said in my previous entry that i'm already a shinhwa fangirl.
but right now, i'm on TVXQ mode. i miss them. just in time when they're entering the army one by one. whoah. time flies so fast. i discovered TVXQ when i was still in highschool & they are around 15-18 (they're still my oppa's, i was 14 at that time) and now all of them are entering the army now to serve their duty.

have i said here before that i consider choikang changmin as my first love?
lol. but then, i don't have any tvxq userpic! ok i'll try to add it next time.
and i'm thinking of making a yunjae mood theme XD just for the fun of it.
hmmm but i have to collect more pics...

what am i saying. i'm just really really bored.
and i'm watching old tvxq videos.
and i just love them, like how i love shinhwa, and super junior, and maybe cnblue too.

oh, and i just turned 26 last monday. XD
i'm already 26 but here i am still acting like a kid.

☺: boredbored
♪: The Gospellers ft. Tohoshinki - Towa Ni