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l e t [userpic]
fangirling once again.

asdfghjkl. *spazz* it's because of this fancam:

27012011 CNBLUE - A Song For First-Time Lovers

thai fans are so lucky. ♥ it was the first time yong sang the full song live. and jonghyun, jungshin and minhyuk also sang some parts of it! kyaaaa. i almost scream outloud when it is minhyuk's turn to sing!! the part.. 'hopefully we fall in love with each other~♪" weeee he's so cute. i love his new hair color :D it suits him. he's getting cuter everyday. bwahahah. oh okay, i'm a noona fan. can't believe i'm older than him. pssh >.> and i thought i changed bias from yong to minhyuk. but no!! i still like minhyuk more. :)) jungshin chingoo is so funny XD i think he forgot the lyrics? he's nervous. cutteeee hahaha. and jonghyunnnnnnn what. i'm in love with his voice. like ever. his voice i can listen to it all day long. =D and i still think he looks like jaejoong , and of course, yonghwa, he seems happy and very much in love. =))


hello y'all :D and have a nice day folks. ♥

☺: happyhappy