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i don't know why~ ♪

happy birthday hyukdim !! ♥
here's a short drabble for you and also for twinsis eiashlee14  & angelteuki_13 !! ♥

he is not like that.
eunhae | pg-13 | romance

eunhyuk is not gay.

he's not gay but his heart's beating faster everytime donghae puts his arms around his waist.

he's not gay but his knees gets weak whenever donghae stares at him lovingly.

he's not gay but he doesn't want to let go everytime donghae holds his hands.

he's not gay but he doesn't like seeing donghae being paired with other girls.

he's not gay but he gets mad everytime he sees donghae being affectionate to other members.

he swear he's not gay but he wanted to ask for more when donghae stole a kiss from him.

eunhyuk's definitely not gay....

but he's in denial.

kkk. short and random. lol and i don't know why i did this. epic fail. :))

☺: lazylazy
♪: i don't know why - C.N.Blue

tama tama!
denial si hyuuuuk!
<3 ang ganda neto unni!

and and and


KT din unni T_T or KM O.O

nhei!!! i miss you too!! ♥ madalas ka ba magonline sa ym? hehe. sana matyempuhan kita ol sa ym minsan, pati si twinsis saka dim. miss ko na kayo~ :D

nahihiya naman ako. hahahah. alam mo naman di ako writer XD naisip ko lang to bigla at sinubukan, pero di talaga ubra hahahha gusto ko nga din sumulat kangteuk at kyumin, lalo na kangteuk, lam mo naman, hahahah. pero mukhang madami pa ako kakainin bigas :))