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l e t [userpic]

it's 80% friend-locked :)

update: maylet →  24 → kdrama addict still a fangirl.
i'm still shipping kangteuk, ricsyung, yongseo, yunjae, kdrama otps :)

just tell me the reasons why you're adding me. ^^

because i'm an upload!whoregeek, and i love kangteuk  ♥ :

  2005 - early 2006 [predebut/twins/miracle] → 001.1 | 001.2
late '06 - early '07 [U/dancing out/tictoc] →002.1 | 002.2
 early '07 [suju T - rokkugo] →003
 '07[haengbok] →004
late '07 - early '08 [2jib;Don't Don/Marry U] → 005
'08 [Cooking/Pajama Party [suju H]; Super Show] → 006
2009 [3jib; Sorry Sorry/Neorago] → 007

picspam.. because this is the only thing i know i'm good at lol
there are lots of kangteuk pics that one set of picspam isn't enough XD;
there are like.. 800+ pics? and still adding more....
*will put the link if it's done already.




LMAO!!! Isn't KangTeuk for the public to see, love and oggle over? :D

Hi, I'm Nice! *sees disbelief on your face* No, really I am. *still you're not believing me* Seriously, I'm Nice! That's my nickname! :3

I feel random at times so it's okay. :)

Comment to be added? Huh?

ooh you're nice!!
Hello Nice!! :DDD
LET's be friends~
i'm LET~ yes, my name is Let~ XD

and yey! random peeps ftw! :3
i'm sorry for posting weird entries and spamming your f-page a lot of times ^^;;

omg...*dies* that banner...
can I have the original pic? haha
<3 u haha

<3 u too! :DDD
you know you're one of my closest friends here in LJ,
*i hope you also consider me as one~ X3*

and, the original pic, here you go :

Hellooo, I really love you (well infact I really love Kangteuk and Kangteuk picspams but I guess I can come to love you if you add me? 8D)

hi! :D
oh, well, i love you,too XD
*since you love kangteuk and i truly adore that pair ^^*
let's be friends!
uhm, i'll add you up~ :3

btw, may i know name & where you from? ^^;;
i hope we'll become close friends!♥

OH MY GOSH ~! Heenim looks so freaking adorable in your icon <33333

Hi, I'm a really nice person <3


hello!! :D
sure, let's be friends~ ♥
thank you! added you back.

i'm maylet, from the philippines,
how about you? :D

hey.. can i add u?
i love ur kangteuk gif.. hehe..

sure! :D you can add me, let's be friends! ^^

hey! thanks for the add! :D

Hello~ I'm a huge Kangin & Kangteuk fan and I'd really love to be friends with you! I see your posts a lot and I think we'd get along. Mind if I add you?

hi! ^^ thank you for adding me!
i already added you back~
yay ♥ you're name is amy, right? *i read it in your profile* i'm maylet :D
and i see, we're the same age, i hope we become close friends!
since when did you like kangteuk? ^^

Nice to meet you! I hope we become great friends, too. :D

I actually only got into Super Junior about three months ago. XD I'm pretty new to everything but trying to learn as quickly as I can! I got into Kangteuk about a month ago and love them. <3

OMG!Another Kangteuk fan!
I’ve been through some kangteuk comm. And I’ve seen your post a lot.
Would like to be added if it's not too much trouble :)
Btw,sorry for my empty LJ,I'm new here.Will try to update asap.
Kangteuk FTW!

oh hello!! sure, i'll add you :D and welcome to LJ! hope you'll have lots of fun here,

may i know your name? i'm maylet, hope we'll be good friends ^^

hi hi hi.. i passed by your blog and cant dont add you!!
Kangtuek = i ship them so damn much. add?

i love to tlak bout them 24/7 xD

hey ^^ thanks for adding me, i already added you back.
nice to meet you, fellow kangteuk fan ! :D

when did you start liking the pair? ^^

Ah, thanks ;)

When? Hm.. the moment I started reading fanfic 8)
And I started to take notice of them..
then omg, so cute la.
i hope they are real xD

I'm Kangteuk lover too 8D

And I love them since I love teukie and read fanfics, watch YT, and some randome stuffs <33

Befriend?? =D

hey there! thanks for adding me, i'll surely add you back. :)
may i know your name? i'm maylet, btw. ^^

I miss you v.v *hugs* hope you're good =)

adsfja;sdjfh another Kangteuk fan ;A; MARRY ME PLEASE

jkjk sorry, it's just Kangteuk shippers are rather hard to come by these days. Sometimes I feel rather /foreveralone in my love of them.

Anyway... I'm Kiett. Friends? :D

hi kiett! :D i'm maylet, nice to meet you fellow kangteuk fan!:)
it's okay, i've been inactive for a while but kt is still my otp in suju XD *appa/umma ftw!* ♥ they've been on hiatus so i went on hiatus, too.
btw, where are you from? =) some of my friends that are kangteuk shippers are still active, maybe later i can introduce them to you^^

akdjfhadf wrong post lol. OTL

Hi Maylet :DD
Oh I see... That's understandable. But I find that even if they themselves are on hiatus, there's still so much to spazz about them, haha xD
I'm from California (USA). What about you?
Oh my gosh, that would be great! I'd really appreciate it ;A;