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July 2015
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l e t [userpic]

it's 80% friend-locked :)

update: maylet →  24 → kdrama addict still a fangirl.
i'm still shipping kangteuk, ricsyung, yongseo, yunjae, kdrama otps :)

just tell me the reasons why you're adding me. ^^

because i'm an upload!whoregeek, and i love kangteuk  ♥ :

  2005 - early 2006 [predebut/twins/miracle] → 001.1 | 001.2
late '06 - early '07 [U/dancing out/tictoc] →002.1 | 002.2
 early '07 [suju T - rokkugo] →003
 '07[haengbok] →004
late '07 - early '08 [2jib;Don't Don/Marry U] → 005
'08 [Cooking/Pajama Party [suju H]; Super Show] → 006
2009 [3jib; Sorry Sorry/Neorago] → 007

picspam.. because this is the only thing i know i'm good at lol
there are lots of kangteuk pics that one set of picspam isn't enough XD;
there are like.. 800+ pics? and still adding more....
*will put the link if it's done already.



l e t [userpic]

i am extremely bored. currently here at the office. i have nothing to do -.- i wanna go home.
btw, hi! is there anyone still going online here on LJ? i miss those days when the fandom is so active here, reading kangteuk fics everyday, updating this blog & posting comments..

i said in my previous entry that i'm already a shinhwa fangirl.
but right now, i'm on TVXQ mode. i miss them. just in time when they're entering the army one by one. whoah. time flies so fast. i discovered TVXQ when i was still in highschool & they are around 15-18 (they're still my oppa's, i was 14 at that time) and now all of them are entering the army now to serve their duty.

have i said here before that i consider choikang changmin as my first love?
lol. but then, i don't have any tvxq userpic! ok i'll try to add it next time.
and i'm thinking of making a yunjae mood theme XD just for the fun of it.
hmmm but i have to collect more pics...

what am i saying. i'm just really really bored.
and i'm watching old tvxq videos.
and i just love them, like how i love shinhwa, and super junior, and maybe cnblue too.

oh, and i just turned 26 last monday. XD
i'm already 26 but here i am still acting like a kid.

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♪: The Gospellers ft. Tohoshinki - Towa Ni
l e t [userpic]


decided to go back being active here.,
(how many times am i going to say this. then end up failing XD)

anyways, because i became a ricsyung/shinhwa fangirl, i decided to create another mood theme...
yasss! ta-dah!
it's a ricsyung mood theme!


i'm so hooked to this pairing now, just like how i was hooked to kangteuk before T.T
maybe expect some ricsyung picspam soon? hihi
i know i'm over a decade late on spazzing on how awesome this couple is.
but they're the first korean boy group liked before i became a tvxq fangirl, perfect man is my alltime fav song!
nvm, they're sooooo cute! i love this pairing so much. <3

so here's the mood theme:

download: ricsyung mood theme
instructions: how to upload a mood theme @ hollow-art

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♪: Please be careful with my heart - Jose Mari Chan & Regine Velasquez
l e t [userpic]

 i have a new LJ, hehe.


and i posted some icons there:

super junior(heechul/eeteuk/kangteuk)


yongseo ep 46

yongseo ep 46 - II

yongseo ep 27

yongseo ep 27 - II


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l e t [userpic]

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l e t [userpic]

happy birthday sycoraxsnow !!
i miss you! D:
hope to talk to you soon!

☺: sleepysleepy
l e t [userpic]

remember this -- kangteuk mood theme?
i made another one! :) featuring another fav couple~ heeng~ i love yongseo couple. haha.

embarrassed - touched - thoughtful

download: yongseo mood theme
how to install : instructions at crackified

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♪: intuition - cnblue
l e t [userpic]

back. with picspam!
(before i do the requirement in bmgt. taking a break. phew)

this is for kiett! :D expiredcyanide !! ♥
kangteuk is OTP~ forever ~ ♥

(after the accident and also the start of me being in suju fandom. ^^)

ori + nuguri = ♥Collapse )

☺: uncomfortable...
l e t [userpic]

asdfghjkl. *spazz* it's because of this fancam:

27012011 CNBLUE - A Song For First-Time Lovers

thai fans are so lucky. ♥ it was the first time yong sang the full song live. and jonghyun, jungshin and minhyuk also sang some parts of it! kyaaaa. i almost scream outloud when it is minhyuk's turn to sing!! the part.. 'hopefully we fall in love with each other~♪" weeee he's so cute. i love his new hair color :D it suits him. he's getting cuter everyday. bwahahah. oh okay, i'm a noona fan. can't believe i'm older than him. pssh >.> and i thought i changed bias from yong to minhyuk. but no!! i still like minhyuk more. :)) jungshin chingoo is so funny XD i think he forgot the lyrics? he's nervous. cutteeee hahaha. and jonghyunnnnnnn what. i'm in love with his voice. like ever. his voice i can listen to it all day long. =D and i still think he looks like jaejoong , and of course, yonghwa, he seems happy and very much in love. =))


hello y'all :D and have a nice day folks. ♥

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l e t [userpic]

happy birthday hyukdim !! ♥
here's a short drabble for you and also for twinsis eiashlee14  & angelteuki_13 !! ♥

he is not like that.
eunhae | pg-13 | romance
eunhyuk is not gay.Collapse )

kkk. short and random. lol and i don't know why i did this. epic fail. :))

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